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a global partnership

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) and The Demand Driven Institute (DDI) are pleased to announce a new partnership to offer globally recognized, professional endorsements designed to enhance your supply chain leadership and demand planning skills.

The Demand Driven Institute (DDI) programs and endorsements are a complimentary addition to the suite of APICS certification programs. The ASCM and DDI partnership will open more possibilities for those with CPIM and/or CSCP certifications, and supply chain professionals wanting to increase their business planning skills.

who is ASCM?

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) is the global leader in supply chain organizational transformation, innovation and leadership. As the largest non-profit association for supply chain, we are an unbiased partner, connecting companies around the world to the newest thought leadership on all aspects of supply chain. ASCM is driving innovation in the industry with new products, services and partnerships to enable companies to further optimize their supply chains, secure their competitive advantage and positively impact their bottom lines.

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