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Learn from DDI Co-founders Carol Ptak and Chad Smith

These events are hosted by the Demand Driven Institute and are personally facilitated by Chad Smith and or Carol Ptak, Co-founders of the Demand Driven Institute.

Notes about the Adaptive S&OP One Day Workshop:

NOTE 1: Each program is divided into two 4-hour sessions held one week apart.

NOTE 2: Management teams are strongly encouraged to attend together. One purchased link covers an entire group as long as that group views the program in the same location. Those wishing to watch remotely from their group must purchase an additional link.

NOTE 3: Get the new Adaptive Sales and Operations Planning book for your team!

  • Jul 06, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT
    Demand Driven Leader Online ENG
    Taught personally by DDI Co-founders Chad Smith and Carol Ptak
  • Aug 04, 6:00 AM – Aug 05, 6:00 AM
    This 8 hour seminar (divided into two sessions) is designed for management teams looking to dramatically change the trajectory of their organization and overhaul the way the business connects strategy to operations and operations to strategy.