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The Adaptive Enterprise Foundations (AEF) program is designed to introduce individuals working in all areas to the components which are necessary to making an organization truly adaptive.  An “adaptive” organization is able to quickly and dynamically adjust its structure and behavior to the changing state and exigences of its environment in the short term (operational) as well as in the long term (strategic). Being adaptive is a necessary condition for survival of an organization and more so for its lasting success in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.  The AEF Program is THE official preparatory course for the Adaptive Enterprise Foundations Professional (AEFP)™ certification test.

Bring the Adaptive Enterprise Foundation (AEF)™ program to your organization! If you have a team that wants to explore the DDMRP at a deep technical level, we will send one of our endorsed instructors to you.  Contact us about options.


Official preparatory education for the Adaptive Enterprise Foundations Professional (AEFP)™ exam.

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Fees for each session will vary depending on the hosting organization. To learn more about a session you are interested in click the "Registration Page" link.



From planners all the way to the CEO, including individuals in the S&OP team, operations and supply chain, human resources, marketing, sales and finance, inexperienced and experienced – all will benefit significantly from this course facilitated by outstanding supply chain and organizational development professionals endorsed by the Demand Driven Institute.  They will not only learn and share the fundamental hard skills but also the soft skills required to turn a traditionally managed company into a dynamic, demand driven adaptive enterprise!  The program is delivered in an innovative educational approach intended to share the modern vocabulary of supply chain management between all departments and all levels of responsibility including shareholders.

Another innovative element is the online learning system that accompanies the AEF program. It is designed to reinforce the common language as well as to prepare individuals for the Adaptive Enterprise Foundations Professional™ exam. Participants can follow the learning system at their own pace.

The AEF program promises to accelerate the enthusiasm for and proliferation of flow-based tactics throughout industry and corporations of all sizes. Flow is another key necessary condition for success in today’s world. The AEF is the ideal program to support large Demand Driven transformations.


The unique attributes of the AEF program contribute to an exceptional learning experience:

  1. The introduction of the shareholders’ point of view, thus enabling the creation of strategy and tactics that reduce conflicts between all stakeholders and allow for mutual benefits

  2. Financial reports connected to the ROI calculation.

  3. A role play between shareholders, the CEO and the employees to chart the road map of company improvement

  4. Illustrations that bring the concepts of the program to life in a real-world scenario.

  5. Explanations of the conceptual differences between conventional supply chain approaches and the flow-based approaches (including Lean and Theory of Constraints) culminating in the Demand Driven methodology.

  6. The role of DDMRP and DDS&OP within the big picture as well as some example of detailed applications.

  7. The introduction of skills buffers for an effective management of people’s competences

  8. The basic rules of change management allowing companies to effectively become adaptive.

  9. The basic rules of collective intelligence to create synergies between individuals.

  10. A format that is friendly to personnel at all levels of the organization and is well suited to groups.

  11. Post program access to the unique online learning system for continued learning and exam preparation.

The AEF program becomes a vehicle to create a common language between departments, hierarchical levels and all players in an enterprise. This is essential to start the collective intelligence process with a systemic understanding in order to break through conventional silos and the associated conflicts.

An interactive business case business from the business novel "The Missing Links" reveals how middle management can contribute to a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise through sharing skills with peers thus enabling senior managers to pilot change instead of being reluctant to it and to embrace new technologies.

The AEF program shows companies how to make the best use of the existing resources and skills as well as identify which skills are missing from the path to better ROI.


Chapter 1: The New Normal in Industry

PART 1 - The Company and its Variable Environment

1.1 Marketing considerations

1.2 Financial considerations

1.3 Supply Chain considerations


PART 2 - Concepts of Supply Chain Management

2.1 Manufacturing Tactics

2.2 Inventory management

2.3 Information management


Chapter 2: Traditional processes and tools

PART 3 - Fundamental Processes of all Companies

3.1 Static data management

3.2 Total quality management & TPM applied to Supply Chain

3.3 Reference models


PART 4 - Conventional IT Tools and Planning Systems

4.1 MRP


4.3 IT tools

Chapter 3: Giants of Industrial Flow

PART 5 - Modern Flow Based Systems

5.1 A history of flow

5.2 From Toyota Production System to Lean

5.3 Theory of Constraints


PART 6 - Demand Driven Flow

6.1 Relevant Information

6.2 Failure of the conventional approach

6.3 Direction of a solution - DDMRP


Chapter 4: From Linear to Adaptive

PART 7 - Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

7.1 Systemic model for relevant information

7.2 Bidirectional reconciliation with DDS&OP

7.3 Metrics coherence


PART 8 - Maturity Model to Become Adaptive

8.1 Change Management

8.2 Skills Evolution

8.3 Road Maps

A unique immersive experience


The Official Book

It is recommended that participants read the book before attending the program.


PLEASE NOTE: This course is a Stage 1 program.  It is NOT intended to be an in-depth exploration of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), Demand Driven Distribution Requirements Planning (DDDRP), the larger Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) or the Demand Driven S&OP process.  This course reveals the evolution of planning and execution systems and establishes the reason for and place of DDMRP, the DDOM and DDS&OP in today's complex and volatile supply chains.  This program WILL introduce the different forms of buffers in order to protect and promote flow including time, stock, capacity and people skills.

For in-depth explanation of DDMRP

Intended for planning personnel working in manufacturing that are interested in the details of the DDMRP.

For in-depth explanation of DDDRP


Intended for planning personnel working in distribution that are interested in the details of DDDRP.

For in-depth explanation of the DDOM

Intended for mid and upper level management interested transforming their organization into a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

The Adaptive Enterprise Foundations™ program qualifies for 16 professional development points towards ASCM certificate maintenance.



Staying Up To Date

Our programs keep giving you value.  Anyone that has attended a Adaptive Enterprise Foundations™ Program can:

  1. Access the AEF Learning Management System,

  2. Download the latest version of the courseware

You must request access to the AEF Content Page Access through this form.  All fields are required.  Once your AEF participation has been verified you will receive rights to access the AEF Content Page at no charge through our DDI membership section.

**Please create a complimentary DDI membership account before requesting video access.  To create a membership account simply hit the "Login/Signup" button at the top of this page**


AEF Content Page access is intended solely for people who have taken the AEF Program. 


Adaptive Enterprise Foundations Professional (DDFP)™ is a professional endorsement certification offered by the Demand Driven Institute, the global authority for Demand Driven education, training, certification and compliance.  AEFP™ demonstrates that an individual understands the conceptual differences between conventional supply chain approaches dominated by MPS, MRP and DRP and the emerging flow-based approaches including the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model. For more information on the AEFP endorsement certification process visit the Adaptive Enterprise Foundations (AEFP)™ page.

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Adaptive Enterprise Foundations (AEF) Program and the Adaptive Enterprise Foundations Professional (AEFP) are a trademarks of the Demand Driven Institute.

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