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about ddS&OP software compliance

  • Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning (DDS&OP) compliance is intended to ensure that a software and can perform the basic requirements of Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning.

  • The DDI evaluation process is FREE OF CHARGE to software entities.

  • The three compliance categories were written in such a way that it ensures compliance to the method but allows open space for competitive differences, creativity and innovation.

  • Software that is deemed to be compliant will be allowed to use the DDI compliance logo for the categories in which it is compliant.

  • After two years the software must go through re-evaluation in order to continue to use compliance logos.

Look for the DDI Compliance Logos!


ddS&OP software compliance criteria

Component 1: Master Settings Access

  • The software must provide access to all relevant master settings of the DDOM.

Component 2: DDOM Variance Analysis Capability

  • The software must be able to produce reports on past buffer performance for stock, time and capacity buffers including statistical run charts


Component 3: DDOM Simulation Capability

  • The software must be able to simulate DDOM performance with regard to capacity and working capital levels under different user defined scenarios.

NOTE: If the software provider is only DDMRP compliant then the DDS&OP compliance is based solely on the DDS&OP activities required to maintain and improve a DDMRP implementation.


ddS&OP compliant Add-On Applications

The following software applications have successfully completed the DDI DDS&OP Software Compliance Process.  While they are not ERP systems most of these add-on applications have interfaces designed specifically for a particular ERP system or multiple ERP systems.  If your ERP system is not DDMRP compliant contact these providers to see if they might be the right fit for you.


Developer: Demand Driven Technologies

Languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (LATM), Turkish

Deployment: Cloud and On-Premises


Replenishment+® NS (DDMRP for NetSuite)

Developer: Demand Driven Technologies

Languages: English

Deployment: Deployed through cloud as a NetSuite 'Suite App'


Orchestr8 Limited

Developer: Orchestr8 Limited

Languages: Multilingual

Deployment: Cloud



Developer: B2Wise LLC

Language: English, French and other languages by request

Deployment: Cloud & On-Premises



Developer: ForgeFlow S.L.

Languages: English and Spanish: Other languages by request

Deployment: Cloud and On-Premises


Contact: Jordi Ballester

SAP Integrated Business Planning for Demand-Driven Replenishment

Developer: SAP SE

Language: Multilingual

Deployment: Cloud


Olivehorse DDS&OP

Developer: Olivehorse Consutling Services Limited

Language: Multilingual

Deployment: Cloud (for use with SAP IBP)



ddS&OP compliant ERP Systems

The following ERP systems have embedded DDS&OP features and functionality.  They have successfully completed DDI's DDMRP Software Compliance Process.  

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