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Compliant Software Thoroughly Checked by the Demand Driven Institute


about ddS&OP software compliance

  • Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning (DDS&OP) compliance is intended to ensure that a software and can perform the basic requirements of Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning.

  • The DDI evaluation process is FREE OF CHARGE to software entities.

  • The three compliance categories were written in such a way that it ensures compliance to the method but allows open space for competitive differences, creativity and innovation.

  • Software that is deemed to be compliant will be allowed to use the DDI compliance logo for the categories in which it is compliant.

  • After two years the software must go through re-evaluation in order to continue to use compliance logos.

Look for the DDI Compliance Logos!


ddS&OP software compliance criteria

Component 1: Master Settings Access

  • The software must provide access to all relevant master settings of the DDOM.

Component 2: DDOM Variance Analysis Capability

  • The software must be able to produce reports on past buffer performance for stock, time and capacity buffers including statistical run charts


Component 3: DDOM Simulation Capability

  • The software must be able to simulate DDOM performance with regard to capacity and working capital levels under different user defined scenarios.

NOTE: If the software provider is only DDMRP compliant then the DDS&OP compliance is based solely on the DDS&OP activities required to maintain and improve a DDMRP implementation.


ddS&OP compliant Add-On Applications

The following software applications have successfully completed the DDI DDS&OP Software Compliance Process.  While they are not ERP systems most of these add-on applications have interfaces designed specifically for a particular ERP system or multiple ERP systems.  If your ERP system is not DDMRP compliant contact these providers to see if they might be the right fit for you.


Developer: Demand Driven Technologies

Languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (LATM), Turkish

Deployment: Cloud and On-Premises

Website: www.demanddriventech.com

Orchestr8 Limited

Developer: Orchestr8 Limited

Languages: Multilingual

Deployment: Cloud

Website: www.orchestr8.com


Developer: B2Wise LLC

Language: English, French and other languages by request

Deployment: Cloud & On-Premises

Website: www.b2wise.com


ddS&OP compliant ERP Systems

The following ERP systems have embedded DDMRP features and functionality.  They have successfully completed DDI's DDMRP Software Compliance Process.  


software under review

The following software packages are under review by the Demand Driven Institute. They are not deemed compliant at this time.

There is a simply series of stages for software under review:

  1. Direct Communication with DDI about Entering the Compliance Process

  2. Preliminary Compliance Presentation Scheduled

  3. Preliminary Compliance Presentation Delivered

  4. Follow-up Compliance Presentations (if necessary) Scheduled