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2021 Top Ten Instructors

our 2022 Top Ten Instructors

The mission of the Demand Driven Institute is to proliferate Demand Driven methods around the world.  A large portion of that mission is accomplished through the delivery of educational products.  These are the top ten instructors by volume of students for the year.  Congratulations to them and a very big THANK YOU!

About Our Endorsed Instructors

About our endorsed instructors

Our pool of endorsed instructors have achieved their endorsement through a rigorous process consisting of course material deep dives, personal instruction from master instructors and team teaching opportunities with master instructors. Additionally, they have agreed to a code of conduct that will ensure that the integrity and consistency of our programs is maintained across the globe.  

Some of our Endorsed Instructor quality standards:

  • If an instructor fails to teach at least one program in a calendar year they are placed on probation.  They must watch they latest online recording to get current.

  • If an instructor fails to teach at least one program in two consecutive years they automatically lose their endorsement.   They must completely re-qualify.

If you have a questions about our Endorsed Instructor program please Contact Us.


About our MAster instructors

This level is ideal for the most experienced and adept DDI instructors who set the standard for high-quality education. Master instructors have demonstrated a strong command of the DDI educational offerings and are willing to mentor new instructors.  To qualify as Master Instructor an instructor must perform 200 instructional hours within a three year period.

About Our Master Instructors


Roberta McPhail is currently an independent consultant focusing on supply chain training. She is a CSCP Master Instructor for APICS delivering content to both institutional and corporate clients. In her 25 plus year career, she has extensive cross functional experience in all levels of Supply chain. Roberta has held several senior level positions responsible for the planning, execution and distribution processes for multi-site multinational Manufacturing Companies. Contact Roberta


north america

North America


John Melbye helps companies to stop managing chaos and start driving progress. Made possible through the innovations of the Demand Driven Institute and the Demand Driven Methodology, we can calm the chaos of your Material Requirements Planning system, reduce the daily surprises and fire-fighting and change the conversation around Sales and Operations Planning.  In addition to the Demand Driven Planner and the Demand Driven Leader workshops, John also leads the Demand Driven S&OP Experience workshop and the DDBrix Factory Experience workshop.  As President of APICS Twin Cities, he is leading innovation and creating excitement throughout the supply chain community.  John connects Supply Chain concepts to daily life through one-page articles shared on his blog.  For all links related to John, visit  Contact John

2019 Top Ten badge.jpg

Kevin Boake, DDPP

Kevin has a degree in Industrial Engineering and has dedicated his career to the field of Supply Chain Planning. His focus areas have been MPS, MRP, DRP, Demand, Inventory, Capacity and Supply Management and he currently is a guest lecture on these subjects at Warwick University, UK. Kevin has consulted and sold advanced planning solutions to over 150 companies around the global and now specialises in DDMRP. Kevin has extensive knowledge of planning tools, data management, business process re-engineering, change management and project management and his objective is to work with companies to turn their supply chains in a competitive weapon. Contact Kevin



Michael Cole is a Managing Partner of Consultiques. Michael helps companies achieve better business results utilizing the ASCM’s body of knowledge in Operations and Supply Chain Management. After graduating from the University of Westminster in the UK, Michael had an 18 year business development and operational management career in international assignments in the oil and gas industry. During the last 12 plus years, as Managing Partner of Consultiques, Michael has coached, mentored and trained cross functional teams to success. He is an accomplished instructor, delivering more than 6000 hours of classes, is a Certified Master Instructor for the APICS CSCP, CPIM and CLTD certifications and a DDI Instructor for Demand Driven Planner. Contact Michael.



Gaylen Haas has over 25 years of Supply Chain and Materials Management experience in automotive and building products industries. He has held titles of Group Director of Materials and Planning, Director of Supply Chain, Materials Manager, Operations Manager, Supervisor of Central Production Control, Master Planner, and Shop Floor Controller.  Currently Gaylen is an Instructor at Fox Valley Technical College where he consults clients, teaches Supply Chain Management and teaches APICS certification classes. Contact Gaylen.


Daniel Silva, DDPP

Daniel Silva is a supply chain managing consultant working at the CAMELOT Consulting group and  is currently leading the supply chain planning team in their US office. He believes supply chain management as a function is imperative to an organization success and that it should drive value rather than manage cost. Daniel has supported several international SC initiatives in different roles for the pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer goods industry. With his deep knowledge in planning concepts and SAP technology he’s been successful at leading global Demand Driven Transformation projects including the implementation of DDMRP.  Contact Daniel.


Frederic Gaurier, DDPP

Frédéric focuses on various performance sustainability mandates. He is a skillful tactician who sees the big picture of any situation to get the best out of it. He organizes and leads improvement projects with managers and in the field in all types of industries and services according to the issues, resources and corporate culture.  He has more than 30 years of experience and has been fortunate enough to support more than a hundred businesses, large and small, in various sectors such as agriculture and heavy industries. His strengths are the evolution of information systems, the management of complex programs, the recovery of endangered projects, performance diagnostics, and the design of change management. 

He has his customer usually achieve two digits performance improvements that are sustainable over time.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing drums with jazz ensembles where he tests his communication skills. 

Contact Frederic.


Pierre Abou Hamad, DDPP, Green Belt Lean Six Sigma

A truly passionate consulting professional, fond of Operations & Supply chain. I’ve spent my first 11 years of career living my customers' day-to-day jobs & reaching with them towards ambitious achievements & projects. Counting 25 companies from various industrial & service sectors & more than 30 projects. I’m still eager to have the chance to learn & discover, as well as sharing knowledge & experience. Pragmatic, efficient & resolutely team player/leader whenever fit. Let's get in touch. Contact Pierre



BENELUX and Denmark

BENELUX and Denmark


Derk has more than 18 years of experience in supply chain education and is the founder and managing director of Visie Partners. Visie Partners is company based in the Netherlands, offering educational programs in supply chain and operations management. Derk is a qualified SCOR-P instructor and a master instructor for the APICS certification programs, CPIM and CSCP. He is also a master instructor for the APICS Instructor Development Program, focused on developing instructor skills for APICS instructors. Derk studied economics and has management experience in chemical industry, logistics, healthcare, publishing and insurance. Due to his experience he is specialized in process improvement and strategy implementation. Visie Partners serves large (inter)national customers to improve their performance. Contact Derk

David Villalobos DDPP

David Villalobos is currently a Supply Chain consultant with experience supporting implementations in Europe and Latin America in sectors as consumer goods, clothes, textiles, chemicals, food and electronic devices. He leads and supports the implementation of the best practices of operational excellence in multinational and social companies around the world. Advanced Practitioner in DDMRP, TOC and MRP. Currently, he is a PhD Candidate in Management & Economics at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), and he is leading and supporting implementations in Europe and Latin America. Contact David 


Peter van Cuyck MSc, DDPP, DDOP, DDLP, DDSCP

Peter holds a master’s degree in physics. He has more than 25 years of experience in implementing solutions for supply chain planning, scheduling and manufacturing mainly using SAP PP (Production Planning) and APO (Advanced Planning and Optimization). In 2018 he started the Demand Driven journey at Etex. Following a successful pilot in 2019, a global rollout was started and the solution was implemented in more than 80 production and distribution locations. Based on this work, he achieved the fellowship level endorsement from the Demand Driven Institute (DDSCP-Demand Driven Supply Chain Professional).

His current position is product manager DDMRP Solutions which in the case of Etex consist of specialized DDI compliant software, the SAP connectors and a set of Power BI Dashboards for Demand Driven S&OP. He acts as internal business consultant for all Demand Driven topics.  Peter is a DDP master instructor and can teach Demand Driven training (DDP and DDO) in English and Dutch languages.  Peter is also an endorsed instructor for DDBRIX Factory and DDBRIX Distribution workshops.

Contact Peter


Bernard Milian CPIM, CIRM, DDPP, DDLP

Bernard has more than 25 years of experience in Supply Chain Management and Continuous Improvement / Lean 6 Sigma transformation. He has been serving as a Supply Chain Director within French subsidiaries of world class corporations, in the automotive, electronics, medical devices, furniture and metallurgy industries, B2B, B2C, manufacturing and distribution environments. Contact Bernard



Damien Brochard CPIM, Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt, CSCP, DDPP, DDOP, DDLP

Damien has more than 16 years experience in supply chain management and operations improvement mainly in aerospace market. He started his career in 1998 at Thales in charge of new product introduction, production management and, then purchasing commodity leader. He spent several years as Supplier Development manager and head of Supplier Quality and Supplier Development at Thales and Messier Dowty (Safran Group), in charge of developing and sustaining supplier’s maturity, performances and relationship. Since 2011, he is partner at AGILEA, a consulting & training company specialized in Supply Chain Management and Operational Excellence. Contact Damien

2020 Top Ten badge.jpg

Caroline Mondon CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, AEFP, DDPP, DDLP, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Board Member

Extensive experience of operations management in manufacturing companies, with 2 positions of plant manager in a mechanical and an electrical SME and a position of Supply Chain & Logistics director across 7 countries in a multinational. Implementation of Supply Chain functions and expertise in Sales & Operations Plan process in all sizes of companies. Certified board member including past president of AfrSCM (ex Fapics), the french speaking association for Supply Chain Management, promoting innovative educational approaches. APICS, DDI Instructor and co-author of the 'Adaptive Enterprise Foundations' AEF course. Co-designer of 'The Fresh Connection serious game A DD S&OP experience' and designer of the Skill buffer and of the  'Demand Driven Skill Model' workshop described in the appendixe A of the 'Demand driven Adaptive Enterprise' book and in appendixe C of the 'Adaptive Sales and Operations' book by Carol PTAK and Chad SMITH. Author of a best selling management book since 2005 in France: "Le chaînon manquant" AFNOR edition, updated and published by Industrial Press in the US in 2016 under the title The Missing Links : A Demand Driven Detective Novel. Contact Caroline


Guy de Charette DDPP, CIRM, CSCP, CLTD, SCORp

30 years proven record in business transformation and change management across global supply chain operations (garments, current and luxury consumer goods, urban furnitures and services industries, specialized distribution). He has driven supply chain implementation projects, shared service centers deployments plus IT tools associated in the field of operations, s&op, master production planning, forecasting. Contact Guy

Laurent Vigouroux CSCP, DDPP, DDLP, CSCA, BSCM, ASTP

Laurent Vis an industrial engineer and a recognized leader in the supply chain community in France. Laurent has spent 16 years in operations with both big and medium sized automotive and industrial manufacturing companies. In 2013, Laurent successfully implemented the first Demand Driven MRP project in France. This project went on to win the prestigious King of Supply Chain in France in 2015.  Over the last 3 years, Laurent has assisted over 20 organizations transform to the Demand Driven methodology. Laurent also created the DDMRP management game called DDBrix which is used to explain the DDMRP methodology across the entire organization. Today Laurent is the CEO of B2Wise France, a dedicated Demand Driven trainer and software business. Contact Laurent

2019 Top Ten badge.jpg
2020 Top Ten badge.jpg


Anthony has 10 years of experience in Supply Chain & TOC Implementation. He also has experience in S&Ops implementation and Lean/TOC Strategic Planning process development. He has been serving in worldwide companies working on ETO, MTO, MTS and B2B Distribution flow environment as Manager and Director. He's willing to support Demand Driven thinking across areas like Operations, S&Ops, Strategic Planning & Breakthrough Solutions Development. Contact Anthony or on LinkedIn


Leïla Bouhali, CPIM, CSCP, Green Belt in Lean, DDPP, DDOP, DDLP, ASTP

Leïla is Supply and Planning Manager at SAMES-KREMLIN (Exel group). She is running DDMRP at SAMES-KREMLIN since 2015. Previously, she worked as a consultant in supply chain management projects, a planner for food industry and she implemented an ERP system for a retailer. She became a DDP instructor in order to implement DDMRP in SAMES-KREMLIN subsidiaries and in other companies in the Exel Group. Contact Leila

2020 Top Ten badge.jpg

Anaïs Leblanc, CSCP, DDPP, CSCA, Black Belt Lean 6 Sigma, IMCM

Anaïs is working as a Senior Manager at Citwell, a consulting company oriented towards companies acceleration through Supply Chain and Change Management. She has over 12 years experience in transformation in industrial, distribution and services sectors in international & multicultural environments. She assists the directions in creating and managing transformation projects on the business model, organization, processes & supply chain IS. Active member of Fapics since 2012, she is invested in Supply Chain innovative thinking, in particular the demand driven road, future of winning companies planning & execution practices! She is also a recognized facilitator of change in both the cultural and organizational aspects.  Contact Anaïs

Antoine Gautier DDPP, DDOP, DDLP

Antoine is a consultant at Citwell – a French management consulting firm specializing in supply management chain, operations, customer service and change management.  Antoine has worked on several DDMRP projects in both industrial and retail segments.  Full DDMRP projects include from design to on-site deployment.  He has also worked on other projects including APS implementation, project management, warehouse sizing.  Antoine is fully committed to the Demand Driven philosophy.  Contact Antoine


Nicolas Hullot CSCP, DDPP, CDDL, IMCM

Nicolas is a consultant specialized in Supply Chain and change management. He worked for various Industries (automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, nuclear, pharmaceutic, luxury etc…) as a purchasing, procurement and quality manager. He was an executive in middle sized business for over 7 years, always aiming to improve Supply chain. Nicolas participated to the first French DDMRP implementation in 2013 and drove operationally the business with DDMRP for 3 years. He now shares his experience to help businesses structure themselves and build the right model to live in a VUCA world.

Contact Nicolas


Christophe Alagapin, MBA, CPIM, DDPP, DDLP, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Christophe Alagapin is Senior Manager at Argon Consulting, a leading international consulting firm that specializes in operations transformation. He is in charge of transformation programs covering the design of supply chain or manufacturing strategy, process improvements, organizational changes, and implementation of IT applications to achieve competitive advantage. Christophe holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School. He has over 20 years of experience in operations management. Christophe started his career as European Supply Chain Coordinator for Baxter Healthcare. He has carried out Supply Chain projects in aeronautics, electronics, FMCG, and luxury goods. During his career, Christophe worked for blue-chip companies in Europe and the US.  Contact Christophe


Damien Portmann, CPIM, CSCP, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, DDPP, DDLP

Damien is the co-founder of Alkemys Consulting, a firm dedicated to the transformation of industrial companies. With +20 years of experience in Consulting and Operations management, Damien has developed a deep expertise in supply chain for global companies and SMEs as well. He led for instance the consulting department of the Volvo Group, and prior to that he spent several years turning around OEM suppliers. Today, on top of his activities with Alkemys Consulting, Damien supports the development of many SMEs at the request of the BPI (the French investment bank) in various industries: wood, metal, plasturgy, automotive and so on.  Contact Damien


François Quere, DDPP

François worked mainly in the field of industry, as a manager or as a project manager in different fields such as production, supply chain, process engineering and quality.  After 17 years in operations, he chose to become a consultant as well as an instructor to make others benefit of his experience in Lean and Supply Chain.  He and his company came to DDMRP to better help their customers to improve their value stream flows.  Contact François


Joris Terol, DDPP

Specialized in Supply Chain management and DDMRP methodology for 5 years. I successfully managed 30 DDMRP project implementations with B2wise over the 2 years in various industrial sectors (Cosmetic, Automobile, Health Care, Fashion ect..). I have trained and supported over 100+ people in using the DDMRP software of B2wise all over Europe. I am focused on people and I dedicate my organizational and pedagogical skills to my company and its customers to make sure we are all successful.  Contact Joris


Frédéric Picano, DDPP

Pharmacist and Engineer specialized in operations management, I have more than 15 years experience in end to end Supply Chain Management (manufacturing site, planning, purchasing, distribution, logistics, sales admin, Global projects ) working for pharma and IVD business (Solvay, Abbott healthcare, bioMerieux). I am driven by the passion to support my company in improving customer satisfaction. With my entrepreneurial spirit, my vision and my leadership by influence, I am used to manage the transformation of operations in international and complex environments/organizations.   Contact Frédéric


Basile Serviere, BSc(Hons), DDPP, DDLP

Basile started his career in international transport for the garment industry (UK and Eastern Europe) before joining Michelin in 2003. He had various positions in several Supply Chain departments (distribution, forecasting,  S&OP, production planning) including management and training. He was one of the deployers of the methodology in Michelin’s European passenger car production plants. Today, he is working on extending the methodology deeper in the Michelin Group.


Thomas Couteron CPIM, DDPP, DDLP

Thomas is a consultant and trainer for AGILEA, a firm specialized in Supply Chain Management and Operational Excellence. With AGILEA, he worked on several projects related to supply chain management, operational performance, organizational changes, etc. He also took part in several DDMRP deployment project in various industries (chemistry, mechanical industry, cosmetics). He is also regularly facilitates Flow Simulation Game trainings, the digital serious game to experience DDMRP, developed by AGILEA and endorsed by DDI.   Contact Thomas



Xavier spent more than 15 years to manage and improve operations, organizations and supplychain, as Operations and Supplychain VP Executive in Figeac Aero group, an European leading subcontractor for aerospace industry. After the discovery of DDMRP in 2015, he was trained in the DDI programme (DDP, DDL, ASOP, ASTP) to lead the transformation of his company into a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise. Now, as senior consultant and trainer for AGILEA, he is willing to speed up and support industrial supply chains in this journey from their AS&OP to their operating model. Contact Xavier


Eric Liabot DDPP

Eric is currently Supply Chain Engineering Manager at Legrand, a global leader in electrical equipment industry following 15 years in Supply Chain and Project Management in various industries (FMCG, Motor, Food…). Passionate about training, he has also been lecturing in a French university teaching Supply Chain Management. In his current role at Legrand, Eric runs projects in supply chain innovation, business Intelligence and operations improvement therefore leading DDMRP pilot and deployment in several of their production units. He became a corporate DDP trainer in order to support and energize Legrand teams in their Demand Driven transformation journey.  


Xavier Gabard DDPP

Xavier has been working for more than 10 years on industrial performance and Supply Chain topics in various business as operational excellence and Supply Chain project manager. He led different projects : in production, logistic and supply chain in France and abroad. He managed projects in Operational Excellence and Supply Chain by identifying progress leads, defining and steering the transformation plans from the planning to the execution process.  Contact Xavier


Lucas Meinzel DDPP, DDLP, CPIM1, IMCM

Lucas has been working for 5 years in the logistic field, working as project leader on different challenges: distribution network design, intralogistics implementation, inventory management and optimization. He joined Citwell - a French management consulting firm specializing in supply management chain, operations, customer service and change management - in 2019. Lucas has worked on several DDMRP implementation, from early case studies to on-site customer deployment. Contact Lucas


Erwann Corre CPIM DDP DDL Lean Green Belt

Erwann has a 10 years instructor experience in Lean and supply chain. He also brings value to the trainee with his 10 years experience in supply chain from his past positions in industries like Kodak or Naviline.  Now, he joins the amazing b2wise instructor team to continue to spread the Demand Driven knowledge all around the world.  Contact Erwann


Mahdi Bioui DDPP

After a career of 13 years spent in several large industrial groups (automotive and aeronautical industries) where he held several functions in supply chain and production management, Mahdi now supports companies on supply chain transformation projects and more broadly industrial performance optimization.  Contact Mahdi


Fabrice Miharan DDPP DDLP

Fabrice is the current Head of Operations & Talent Development for b2wise Europe.   He has 30 years of supply chain management experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. His experience includes supply chain, continuous improvement  and project management leadership.

He is a native French speaker that is fluent in English and Italian. He is familiar with SAP, APS and WMS systems.  Contact Fabrice

fabrice_miharan .jpg

Claire Ané DDPP

Claire Ané, with a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management and 20 years of experience in Supply Chain Planning, has a diverse background in operational and managerial roles within FMCG and Building Materials industries. She notably led the implementation of a Demand Planning solution across 22 European markets. In 2018, Claire initiated a Demand Driven journey at Etex Group with Peter Van Cuck, leading to a successful implementation and her subsequent endorsement as a Demand Driven Supply Chain Professional (DDSCP) in 2021. Currently, she leads Etex Group's team of central planners and serves as the Business Process Manager for Supplier Planning, ensuring standardized and effective utilization of processes and systems.  Contact Claire

DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)


Christian Voye is working as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Supply Chain Consultant in a global Industry & Transportation Paint Company. He has over 20 Years of experience in R&D-, transformational and Continuous improvement projects combining Production, Lean, Six Sigma and Supply Chain Knowledge working with all levels of the organization. Christian is a Trainer for APICS CPIM and CSCP. He as well has experience as an internal Trainer for Lean; Six Sigma and Advanced Supply Chain Concepts. He holds a Diploma in Physics (Nonlinear Physics) from the University of Münster. Contact Christian 


Marco Klein DDDP, DDLP

Marco Klein is working as a Supply Chain Management Consultant and heading the Center of Excellence for Inventory Management at CAMELOT Consulting Group. He has been working in multiple international Supply Chain projects and has been responsible for the successful implementation of Demand Driven LEAN Supply Chain planning processes across different industries. With a profound expertise of SAP technology, he has gained significant experience in the realization of Demand Driven planning processes based on SAP planning systems (SAP APO and SAP IBP).  Contact Marco

2020 Top Ten badge.jpg

Dr. Ulrich Wetterauer DDPP

Ulrich is a Principal at CAMELOT Consulting Group, a major German value chain consultancy, with 20 years of experience in different leading consulting positions. He is head of a team responsible for Value Chain Management & Configuration and has been successfully advising major multinational clients as solution architect and thought leader for delivering highly successful design and planning projects. Recently, Ulrich has been focusing on helping clients to significantly improve performance by designing and realizing demand-driven solutions. Contact Ulrich

2020 Top Ten badge.jpg

Markus Kuhl DDPP, DDLP, CSCP

Markus is a Supply Chain expert responsible for the Competence Center “Value Chain Strategy & Performance” at CAMELOT Consulting Group. He has >10 years professional experience, mostly in managing consulting. As CSCP (APICS), DDPP, CDDP, and CDDL, Markus has deep knowledge of supply chain concepts and lots of experience in adopting those concepts in practice. During the last years, Markus was involved in many SC transformation projects across different industries like Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Chemicals, Steel, and Manufacturing helping his clients to reach the next level of Value Chain maturity with demand-driven concepts.  Contact Markus



Alfredo Angrisani DDPP, DDOP

Alfredo Angrisani has over 30 years experience in industry and distribution, in a number of management roles, in operations, IT and sales, in Italy and France. He’s worked across several industries: construction equipment and spare parts, food, fashion, building elements, and publishing. He’s been in charge of sales administration & planning and IT at Toyota Industrial Equipment Italy for 6 years. In 2006 decided to become an independent professional and management consultant. Alfredo is a certified CPIM, TOC, DDPP and ScrumMaster, works with Festo Academy and other prominent management schools to assist entrepreneurs and managers to deal with the ‘new normal’ of business and distribution.  Contact Alfredo


Alessandro Gaiani DDPP

Expert in planning, scheduling and operations management with more than twenty years and 100+ projects in different sectors and sizes of manufacturing companies. Graduated in physics and pianist for passion and pleasure, in life and work I combine scientific rigor and creativity.

Since 1999, I have been successfully designing and implementing digital transformation projects, studying together with the customer simple solutions to improve information flows and their control, sustaining people in the change management, applying the most suitable theories to the case and introducing innovation elements. Senior Project Manager and Managing Partner of Omega Group; co-leader of the Renovo’s digital transformation division; technical head of MRP and Demand Driven MRP software R&D. Creator of the Skill Matrix Project Planning technique for human resources project planning using TOC in ETO or service companies. First in Italy to achieve the Demand Driven Institute certification for Agilis ERP software in 2017, first in Italy to publish a DDMRP case history in 2019; DDPP, DDOP, DDLP certified.

 Contact Alessandro


Marianna Falcone DDPP, DDOP, DDLP

Marianna is a Senior Manager in Operations practice of PwC with expertise in Supply Chain performance improvement and optimisation from the “buy” to the “fulfilment” process. Having worked across a number of sectors, including automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, industrial goods, FMCG and logistic services to successfully execute and manage complex international performance improvement and transformation projects. In the last years Marianna has been the Project Manager in several DDMRP implementation projects and she is currently driving the Global PwC DDMRP community.  Contact Marianna


Ivan Lavatelli PMP, CPIM, CSCP, SCOR-P, DDPP 

Ivan leads the Operations practice for PwC Italy. He has almost 20 years of consulting experience in numerous Supply Chain Management and Industrial Engineering fields: Supply Chain (re-)Design, Production Planning and Control, New Products Introduction Planning, World Class Production Systems Implementation, Lean Manufacturing, Work Standardization, Resource Management, Industrial Cost Control and Company-wide Turnaround Programs.  Ivan has a Degree in Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan and holds a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification from PMI (Project Management Institute) combined with APICS CPIM, CSCP and SCOR-P certifications.  As a certified instructor in the disciplines of Supply Chain (APICS and DDI), Industrial Engineering and Project Management, Ivan has contributed to the development of hundreds of Operations Professionals in multiple industries, complementing educational activities with implementation support (process redesign, change management, technological enablement and shopfloor execution). Contact Ivan

2019 Top Ten badge.jpg

Fulvio Macaluso DDPP, DDOP

Fulvio is a Manager in Operations practice of PwC Italy for the Private Sector. He built his professional background in Italy and abroad gaining distinctive skills and experience in DDMRP Supply Planning logic and system implementation, Supply Chain Strategy definition, plant performance and productivity improvement, Lean methodology, WCM implementation, MTM methodology. He has worked across different sectors including industrial products, automotive, aerospace and FMCG.
Fulvio holds a double Master’s degree in Engineering of Industrial Production and Technological Innovation from Politecnico di Torino (IT) and Business Administration and Production Systems from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (ES). He is part of the Delivery Center that is leading the Global PwC DDMRP Community.  Contact Fulvio


Pierluigi Pizzo DDPP, DDOP

Co Founder of Omega Group, parent company of Italian Tech & Consulting Companies, currently head of the Intelligent Unit Renovo, I’m the Company Digital & Business Transformation leader. Since 1985, in the IBM world first and in Omega then, I’ve been helping and driving customers to the operational excellence, mapping flows, processes and technologies. I’m a multipotentialite and I’m able to develop projects and solutions in a creative and at the same time pragmatic way. Thanks to the know-how and skills acquired over the years, I have brought value to hundreds of companies, in the fields of Production, Supply Chain, Project Management and Distribution.  Contact Pierluigi


Luigi Rognoni DDPP, DDOP

With a long background in the industry as production manager first and in the planning area then, I have a strong inclination for training and teaching applied to improve and innovate processes, to bring simplification and efficiency. I started my job career in 1990 in the Marine Industry, developing the specific competencies in the field, while at the same time studying and acquiring all the skills related to business management, strategies, and operational processes. Applying my creativity and teamwork inclination I could strengthened my leadership talent. I’m INFP in the MBTI, Intuition, Feeling, Perception and my ease in learning guided me during this 30+ years international journey. More than 13 years spent in Sri Lanka brought me to the horizon I have been envisioning since I was young and, indeed, it showed me new ones, grabbing and developing new opportunities into the DDMRP world. With the b2wise team of trainers I'm engaging and supporting people involved with or interested in Demand Driven methodology and the application of DDMRP. I'm also a DDBRIX Factory endorsed instructor. Contact Luigi



Aleksander Sosnowski - EMBA, PMP, PROSCI, CSCP, DDLP, DDPP, SCOR-P

Aleksander has close to 20 years in supply chain business – 15 years in Operations Management, 9 last years in Management Consulting. His career started in 2003 at an automotive Tier1 supplier as a warehouse specialist. Then gradually climbed the leadership ladder as team leader and supervisor at 3PL contract logistics, materials manager at greenfield automotive supplier, logistics, warehouse, and project manager at co-packing giant. Later, full scope supply chain director in highly dynamic commercial device business and interim manager with versatile supply chain program/project assignments. From the beginning, he was focused on improving and optimizing business processes with Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, and ultimately - Demand Driven flow principles.

Aleksander holds an impressive number of titles and certificates: DDI Master Instructor, DDI DDLP, DDI DDPP, APICS CSCP, ASCM Procurement, APICS SCOR-P, PMI PMP, ELA EJLog, and Six Sigma Green Belt. University of Maryland Executive MBA graduate and M.Eng. in Logistics from the Wroclaw University of Technology. Contact Aleksander

2020 Top Ten badge.jpg
2019 Top Ten badge.jpg

Tomasz Sokołowski, DDPP

27 years of experience with large proficiency in managing supply chain in cosmetics, household detergents, FMCG, pharmaceutical, automotive and consulting industries.

Worked on senior managemental positions at Unilever, Wrigley’s, SABMiller, US Pharmacia, Kiel, Firestone and (actually) MPM.  Main areas of expertise include strategic planning, production planning and scheduling, procurement of direct production materials and non-direct materials, team management, negotiations, implementation of integrated management systems, optimization of operational processes, training.  Contact Tomasz


Mihail Mate DDPP

Mihail Mate is currently an independent consultant with an experience of more than 10 years in providing Supply Chain related trainings and projects for teams of multinational companies. He worked in Supply Chain since 2001 in various industries and positions, mostly as a Supply Chain Manager. As a consultant, he delivered projects focused on stock reduction, supply chain design, ERP implementation, strategic supplier improvement etc. Mihail is an analytic person with a passion for everything related to Supply Chain; he strongly believes that the DDI approach IS the future and is committed to assist as many companies as possible in their journey to the next level. Contact Mihail



Ukraine, Kazakhstan,  Uzbekistan

Ukraine, Kazakhstan,  Uzbekistan

2019 Top Ten badge.jpg

Sviatoslav Oliinyk DDPP

Co-founder of Representative office of Demand Driven Institute in CIS region, business trainer and supply chain management consultant at ABM Cloud. Experienced in business process re-engineering, project management using  Lean, 6 Sigma and ToC in retail, distribution and production. Certified expert in Innovative Solutions for Supply Chain optimization, specialized in DDMRP methodology education and implementation. Author of various case studies and business media publications, event speaker, founder and coordinator of business training clubs, practicing expert in corporate culture development, coaching, team building.  Contact Sviatoslov

2020 Top Ten badge.jpg

Scandinavia, Poland, Baltic States

Scandinavia, Poland & Baltic States

Christoph Lenhartz MBA, Jonah, TOCICO-certified, Certified Consultant (bdvb) , DDPP, DDLP

Christoph Lenhartz (MBA, Jonah, TOCICO-certified, Certified Consultant (bdvb) , CDDP) is Founding Partner of Catena Strategies is, a leading expert in project, operations, and supply chain consulting based on sound and proven methodologies. In over 20 years he has acquired a wide-ranging, international experience in industry, as a successful entrepreneur and also a leader of management consulting teams in high complexity TOC implementations. He has lead strategic, business transformation, supply chain management and IT projects and his expertise also includes post-merger integration of supply chain operations for major international groups. Contact Christoph

Spain & Portugal

Spain & Portugal

Jordi Ballester Alomar DDPP

Jordi Ballester is CEO and founder of ForgeFlow (, a Business and IT Consulting Services company specializing in ERP implementations using Odoo.  Jordi has provided ERP consulting services in the last 15 years, participating in medium and large international Odoo and SAP implementation projects as a consultant and project manager. Jordi is very active in the Odoo community, as author, reviewer and Board Member of the Odoo Community Association. Jordi holds degrees in Telecommunications Engineering and Business Management Sciences. Jordi is co-author of ForgeFlow the first and only Odoo based DDMRP and DDS&OP compliant software.   Contact Jordi

Lois Rilo Antelo DDPP

Lois Rilo is Consultant at ForgeFlow (, a Business and IT Consulting Services company specializing in ERP implementations using Odoo. Lois is very active in the Odoo community, as author, reviewer on features in different areas, especially Logistics and Manufacturing. Lois has an industrial engineering background, he got his Industrial Engineering degree at Universidade de Vigo and his Master in Industrial Engineering and Automation at UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). Lois is co-author of ForgeFlow the first and only Odoo based DDMRP and DDS&OP compliant software.  Contact Lois


Manuel Castro DDPP, DDLP, DDOP, Jonah

Manuel is at Instituto de Empresa Business School in Madrid (Spain) as a Visiting Professor. He is an Endorsed CDDP Instuctor and is currently a Cofounder and Managing Partner of CMG Consultores, a company specialized in the implementation of TOC and DDMRP and the Demand Driven Institute Affiliate in Spain. CMG Consultores is the leader in Europe in Critical Chain Implementations with more than 60 successful implementations, and the pioneer in DDMRP Implementations in Europe. Clients include: CIE AUTOMOTIVE, TELEVES, ANAV, ABB, INDRA, IBERIA MANTENIMIENTO, ITP, TUBACEX, and MONDRAGON CORPORACION.Manuel is Industrial Engineer graduated (Industrial Organization specialized) from Universidad de Vigo (Spain). He has a postgraduate in Logistics (Spanish Center of Logistics) at Colegio de Ingenieros Industriales de Vigo. He was instructed in T.O.C. (Theory of Constraints) at the Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute Academy (New Haven, CT, USA). Contact Manuel


Aitor Lizarralde Aiastui PhD, DDPP

PhD from Mondragon Unibertsitatea. Industrial Engineering, speciality of Organisation. He is an Endorsed DDPP Instructor and is currently Managing Director of B2wise Iberia. Project Management Professional (PMP®), global accreditation awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading association of project management professionals. Associate professor/researcher at Mondragon University, participating in various consultancy projects in business and research, with particular emphasis on DDMRP implementation for the improvement of supply chain management in multiple organizations.   Contact Aitor




Patrick Rigoni PhD, DDPP, DDLP, DDOP, Lean Six Sigma, Master Black Belt

Patrick has 15 years of experience in manufacturing, Operational Excellence and Supply Chain, holding as well line roles as strategic advisory roles. Patrick started his career in line roles in J&J‘s manufacturing plants gaining hands-on experience in manufacturing and packaging of regulated goods. Later, as a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean Assessor and expert user of computer simulation modeling he was active in several transformative supply chain projects. In 2013 he co-founded SmartChain, which mission is to help its clients to transform their supply chain operating models and achieve operational excellence. He is a native Italian and French speaker and is fluent in English and German. Contact Patrick 

United Kingdom & Ireland

United Kingdom & Ireland

Roger Fleury, DDPP

Roger is currently Practise Lead at Axiality Limited, a Microsoft Partner focused on delivering world class cloud-based systems for businesses operating internationally. Roger combines 30+ years of experience working as a solutions consultant in ERP and Supply Chain systems with strong technical, strategic and change management skills. Contact Roger.


Richard House, DDPP

Richard is a committed supply chain professional and executive coach with a varied background in consultancy and senior level supply chain management. Having spent over 30 years implementing forecasting and APS solutions for fresh food and FMCG clients, Richard is now an enthusiastic champion of DDMRP for its ability to deliver visible and sustainable transformations in supply chain performance. Richard has extensive experience of directing successful cross-functional demand and supply planning projects and he is passionate about creating systems and processes that empower and motivate people to make a real difference.  Richard is a graduate of Cambridge University, a creative problem solver and the sort of person you’d want to have with you on a desert island!  Contact Richard.


latin america

Latin America

Paulo José Félix de Freitas, MSc Eng, CPIM-Fellow, CSCP, DDPP

Mestre em Engenharia de Produção e Instrutor APICS e DDI, com mais de 30 anos de experiência gerenciando projetos de Supply Chain de ponta-a-ponta em industrias de manufatura no nível regional e global, em posições executivas e de consultoria. Fundador da EPCS - Educação Profissional da Cadeia de Suprimentos, empresa dedicada à educação de profissionais na área de SCM.

Masters degree in Industrial Engineering, APICS and DDI Instructor, over 30 years of experience in managing Supply Chain projects from end-to-end in regional and global manufacturing industries, in executive and consulting positions. Founder of EPCS - Educação Profissional da Cadeia de Suprimentos, dedicated to the education of professionals in the Supply Chain Management field.  Contact Paulo.



Alfonso Navarro Bustamante MBA, DDPP, DDLP, IC3PM, IBP (S&Op), TOC, Lean Expert

is Member of the Board, International Speaker and Consultant in Strategy, Supply Chain and Operations Management with more than 20 years of successful experience in large companies in Latin America and Asia. He is a well known consultant recognized for their significant results refocusing strategy of his clients, building Sustainable Competitive Advantages, redesigning their Supply Chains, building and improving their S&OP processes, and achieving superior performance in service levels, inventory turnover, sales, thereby increasing their profitability and reducing the pressure of more investment because of the growth or financial situations of these organizations. As international speaker and postdegree professor, he has trained thousands of executives and professionals in these areas. He is former Country Manager of Goldratt Consulting, TOC and Lean Expert, and CEO of K2 Solutions, a Demand Driven Institute´s affiliate for Latin America and Partner of Supply Chain Excellence Community.