Official preparatory education for the Demand Driven Operational Professional (DDOP)™ exam.


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The Demand Driven Operations (DDO)™ program is an eight-hour extension program available for those that have gone through DDI’s Demand Driven Planner (DDP) program.  The program assumes a deep technical knowledge of DDMRP and will address in depth the other aspects of the Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) including operational metrics, control point scheduling, time and capacity buffer management and the struggle between cost and flow in operations. The program offers unique content not found in the DDP or Demand Driven Leader (DDL) programs.  The program is ideal for those in an operational scheduling and/or supervisory role or those that are wishing to gain a full appreciation of the entire DDOM.


The DDO program is THE official preparatory course for the Demand Driven Operational Professional (DDOP)™ endorsement certification test.


Note: Each participant of the DDO will receive a certificate of completion from the Demand Driven Institute.


DDO Course prerequisites

This program assumes you have attended the Demand Driven Planner (DDP) program and that you can:

  1. Appropriately consider the placement of decoupling points

  2. Properly size and adjust DDMRP buffers

  3. Perform the net flow equation and its derivatives (e.g. prioritized share)

  4. Calculate decoupled explosion requirements

  5. Read and react to the execution status of DDMRP buffers

To attend this program you MUST be on the DDI Master Roster for the Demand Driven Planner (DDP) program.


Scheduled DDO programs

The initial pilot program is scheduled for July 7 with Chad Smith and Carol Ptak facilitating.


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the Online DDo Program

INSTRUCTORS: This program is personally taught by Chad Smith and Carol Ptak, Co-founders of the Demand Driven Institute.

DELIVERY METHOD: The program will be delivered online via GoTo Meeting. Upon registering the participant will receive a GoTo Meeting link and calendar invite for all sessions. Course material will be provided through the DDI membership section.  EACH SESSION IS RECORDED AND MADE AVAILABLE TO COURSE REGISTRANTS through the DDI membership section.

SCHEDULE: The program is broken into 8 sessions over 8 contiguous weeks. Each session will be delivered once per week at 8:00 to 10:00 OR 17:00 to 19:00. ALL TIMES ARE IN THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE (Los Angeles time).


Other online options will be available in multiple languages Q4 2022.


DDO course content

Module 1: Achieving a Flow-Based Operating Model

  • Part 1: The Conventionally Conflicted Operating Model

  • Part 2: Expanding the Flow Equation

  • Part 3: The Building Block of Relevant Information

  • Part 4: The DDOM Schema


Module 2: DDOM Configuration

  • Part 1: Decoupling Points Review

  • Part 2: Control Points

  • Part 3: Time and Capacity Buffering


Module 3: Demand Driven Scheduling

  • Part 1: Supply Order Generation and Resource Scheduling Overview

  • Part 2: Determining Schedule Sequence Priority

  • Part 3: Calculating Order and Material Release Schedules

Module 4: Demand Driven Operational Execution

  • Part 1: Stock Buffer Execution Review

  • Part 2: Monitoring Capacity Buffers

  • Part 3: Monitoring Time Buffers

  • Part 4: Completing the Operational Metrics Picture

Module 5: Demand Driven S&OP

  • Part 1: The Tactical Performance Objectives

  • Part 2: Tactical DDS&OP Responsibilities

  • Part 3: Completing the Tactical Picture

Program Summary