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The Demand Driven Institute offers a suite of co-branded and fully endorsed simulations and workshops that teach various aspects of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model.  Simulations are offered throughout the world as both public or in-house events.  To inquire about an in-house event please contact the game provider directly with the links provided below.





With over 7,000 participants worldwide, the DDBrix workshops have earned recognition as the most effective way to introduce and embed DDMRP/DDDRP concepts within your organization. The use of Lego bricks ensures an engaging and enjoyable learning experience for all participants, fostering a deeper understanding and confidence in a DDMRP/DDDRP implementation.


By providing a common core of knowledge to all team members, from planners to managers and executives, DDBrix builds a shared culture and strong momentum, setting the stage for a successful DDMRP journey.

To further enhance the learning experience, real-world business case examples will be incorporated into this one-day serious game workshop, allowing participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge to practical scenarios. There are two versions to choose from.


DDBrix Factory: Transforming Your Production Plant with DDMRP

DDBrix Factory is a powerful tool designed to help you optimize your production plant's performance by leveraging the principles of DDMRP. Through this immersive workshop, you'll learn how to accelerate material flow and increase the relevance of information flow using strategically placed DDMRP buffers. Building upon the foundation of Lean manufacturing, DDBrix Factory allows you to experience the tangible benefits of Demand-Driven planning, followed by visible and collaborative execution. Download the DDBrix Factory brochure.

DDBrix Distribution: Transforming End-to-End Supply Chains

DDBrix Distribution is an immersive simulation that enables you to experience the transformation of an end-to-end supply chain using Demand Driven principles. Building upon the famous Beer Game, this workshop introduces more clients and products, providing a realistic environment to test your supply chain management skills.

Through hands-on learning, you'll discover how to satisfy customer demands despite availability restrictions, high expectations, and transportation constraints. By applying DDMRP concepts, you'll optimize your supply chain performance and improve customer satisfaction. Download the DDBrix Distribution brochure.


Forward inquiries about these workshops to

Why do you need to manage skills in your company?

A lack of alignment in a company's skill bases can slow down or even stop flow. The Demand Driven Skills Model (DDSM) enables a company to decide where to locate and how to size skill buffers based on the Demand Driven logic and depending on desired strategic priorities. It gives visibility on the multi-skills of all employees, including top management, and values those that promote and protect flow and accelerate ROI. The DDSM encourages the effective management of human capital through the transmission of knowledge, continuous improvement of products and processes, and integration of innovations in the Demand Driven Operating Model.


This Workshop is right for you if you are facing issues like:

  • Your flows are at risk because some skills are missing

  • Silos between departments interrupt or disrupt flow

  • You don’t know how to prioritize training and development to better protect flow

  • Managers don’t have the time to train or trainers are not recognized

  • Innovations are seen as disruptive to processes


Join the DDSM Workshop over two half-days and learn how to:

  1. Spot the holes in your multi-skills matrix to draw your competency map

  2. Measure the level of expertise of your departments

  3. Monitor maturity of change by transverse processes that support flow

  4. Clarify the roles of manager versus trainer to value knowledge

  5. Align strategy with competitivity and competency

Contact Information:

Caroline Mondon:

Andrea Walbert:


A Demand Driven S&OP Experience by TFC

This one-day unique Demand Driven S&OP Experience workshop will allow you and your team to experience and test implementing DDMRP buffers in a simulated environment powered by The Fresh Connection (TFC).  The workshop discusses the broad concepts of the Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) buffer methodology, practices decision-making and participants experience the positive impact of buffer implementation in a risk-free environment. The workshop then follows an S&OP process to discover how implementing buffers in a budget constrained environment, typical of the real-world, can still deliver high service level expectations. This, while systematically reducing inventory investment AND achieving an expected Return on Investment. The experience provides a platform for organizational change management, builds confidence for your DDMRP implementation project and is relevant for leadership and/or operational staff.   This workshop is co-branded and fully endorsed by the Demand Driven Institute.  Forward inquiries about the workshop to Caroline Mondon

Two Demand Driven Simulations from Agilea

AGILEA and the Demand Driven Institute (DDI) announced the co-branding and distribution of 2 serious games. These simulations will help participants understand the Demand Driven environment and mechanisms.  Each simulation is run as a separate event.

Forward inquiries about each of these simulations to:


Flow Simulation Game

This is a role simulation game where participants have to manage a supply chain with the following objectives : deliver customer on time and at the lowest total supply chain costs..

They will have to:

  • deliver customer orders

  • place orders to suppliers.

  • define inventory policy and manage inventory level

  • manage DDMRP buffers stock

4 teams with 2 to 4 players max (16 players Max).

Download the brochure.


DD Prod

Participants play in pairs, on a computer-based simulation. Each group compete against the others, in managing a leather goods workshop. They must deliver the right quantity on-time while maximizing profit. Players will manage purchases, resources and discover bottleneck and Drum-Buffer-Rope concepts.

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