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COMPLIANT software

Compliant Software Thoroughly Checked by the Demand Driven Institute

  • There are three levels of DDI software certification:

  • The DDI evaluation process is FREE OF CHARGE to software entities.

  • The three compliance categories were written in such a way that it ensures compliance to the method but allows open space for competitive differences, creativity and innovation.

  • Software that is deemed to be compliant will be allowed to use the DDI compliance logo for the categories in which it is compliant.

  • After two years the software must go through re-evaluation in order to continue to use compliance logos.

Look for the DDI Compliance Logos!


Some of the compliant software providers are also DDI Affiliates.  As DDI affiliates they are able to offer all DDI educational products to their customers.  Some offer Demand Driven consultative services of their own but many work in conjunction with other DDI affiliates who act as channel and implementation partners.  Those software providers that are affiliates have the DDI Affiliate logo next to their logo.

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