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There are three levels of Demand Driven compliance. All levels have published criteria. The Demand Driven Institute checks each application against those criteria. Applications must be fully compliant to receive certification.


Important Points About DDI Software Compliance:

  • DDI Compliance means that the application itself has demonstrated the capability to conform to the required specifications. It does not mean that the software provider has demonstrated the ability to practically apply or help others practically apply the method.

  • DDI Compliance assumes that organizational personnel will be formally educated on the methodology to use a compliant system properly and effectively. There is no substitute for proper education.  More on DDI educational offerings.

  • The DDI evaluation process is FREE OF CHARGE to software entities.

  • The three compliance categories were written in such a way that it ensures compliance to the method but allows open space for competitive differences, creativity and innovation.

  • Software that is deemed to be compliant will be allowed to use the DDI compliance logo for the categories in which it is compliant.

Demand Driven Material Requirements (DDMRP) compliance ​is intended to ensure that a software has enough features and/or functions to implement, sustain and even improve a DDMRP implementation


Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) compliance is intended to ensure  that a software not only is DDMRP compliant but also has enough features to implement, sustain and improve a full DDOM implementation.


Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning (DDS&OP) compliance is intended to ensure that a software and can perform the basic requirements of Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning.


Some of the compliant software providers are also DDI Affiliates.  As DDI affiliates they are able to offer all DDI educational products to their customers.  Some offer Demand Driven consultative services of their own but many work in conjunction with other DDI affiliates who act as channel and implementation partners.  Those software providers that are affiliates have the DDI Affiliate logo next to their logo.

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