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Demand Driven Institute Affiliates and Instructors can support your implementation with the official Demand Driven Institute Implementation Support Pack. This is a very full one day workshop that is designed to give teams a broad understanding of what DDMRP is and what it takes to properly support it.  Below are the objectives of the Implementation Support Pack.

  • Provide a common understanding of the critical success factors in today’s more complex supply chains

  • Provide a common understanding why conventional planning systems are failing in today’s more complex supply chains

  • Provide a common understanding of the five components of DDMRP/DDDRP

  • Provide a common understanding of how to drive improvements through a DDMRP/DDDRP system


Does your organization need some guidance about how to approach a Demand Driven transformation?

CONTACT US about getting an online appointment.

The support pack is intended to prepare a team to support a DDMRP/DDDRP implementation.  It is NOT intended to create a team of experts in DDMRP/DDDRP.  It is recommended that specific team members responsible for the day to day operations of any DDMRP/DDDRP system take the Demand Driven Planner (DDP) program or Demand Driven Distribution (DDD) program while others may consider taking the Demand Driven Leader (DDL) program.

Demand Driven Implementation Support and its logo are trademarks of the Demand Driven Institute. 

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