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Achieve the Highest Level of Individual Recognition for Your Demand Driven Capabilities.

The DDSCP™ is a fellowship level endorsement from the Demand Driven Institute. The Demand Driven Supply Chain Professional™ (DDSCP) has proven the ability to successfully apply Demand Driven concepts at the operational and tactical levels creating sustained value for an enterprise through that application.  It represents the highest level of Bloom's Taxonomy - Create.


There is no written exam - the exam is your demonstrated capabilities.  Your capabilities will be evaluated by the Demand Driven Institute and a selected panel of DDSCPs.  Upon successful completion of the application the individual will be issued a certificate and electronic badge.  Additionally, the individual may use the “DDSCP” designation.

Example of successful DDSCP case.  Watch Leila Bouhali and Audrey Mougeot make a successful case for DDSCP endorsement.


  1. The applicant(s) must have acquired DDPP™ AND AEFP™ endorsement certification OR the DDLP™ level of endorsement certification.

  2. The applicant(s) must submit a Case Study showing the application of Demand Driven concepts and results achieved over at least a 12-month period.  Submittals ranging longer than 12 months are encouraged.

  3. The applicant(s) must have been an employee of the organization during the 12-month period.  Applications submitted by persons that acted purely as contractors or consultants in the implementation will not be considered.

  4. The implementation must have been started or active within the last five years from the submittal date of this application.

  5. The applicant(s) must obtain written permission by the organization to document and submit the case and its contents.

  6. The applicant(s) and the organization must agree to the case being published by the Demand Driven Institute.

The applicant's abilities with be evaluated by DDI and the DDSCP Review Board with respect to three aspects of a Demand Driven implementation:

  1. Implement – You must adequately describe the journey to and through implementation.  This means that the state of the organization must be described before implementation, why implementation was considered, the nature of the initial implementation strategy and plan and scope, the length of implementation, the challenges encountered and the how the challenges were faced.  Finally, clear and compelling initial results must be demonstrated and quantified.

  2. Sustain, Expand and Overcome – Initial implementation results are great, but you must be able to demonstrate your ability with regard to stabilizing the implementation after those results.  Were there any threats to the implementation?  How were those threats addressed?  Finally, how did you expand the implementation beyond the initial scope?

  3. Improve – once the implementation was stabilized you will need to demonstrate how you drove improvement through at least one tactical adaptive cycle.  What analytics were used to identify opportunities and how was the model reconfigured to address those improvement opportunities?  In all cases detailed and quantifiable examples must be used.

 Demand Driven Supply Chain Professional (DDSCP) are a trademarks of the Demand Driven Institute.

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