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I switched to Gmail a couple of years back from Office 365 and Outlook. Many of you believed I would regret the switch, but I must admit that using Gmail has been almost completely hassle-free. I'm transferring as many of my programs as possible to the cloud because it is easy. I wonder if I'd ever return to using a stand-alone email program.

The top backup applications for Windows

Local disks or the cloud are only two of the many alternatives you have for disaster recovery of your data.

Many of you questioned how to do backups of a Gmail account, which troubled me a little. Although Google has a good track record for handling data, it is still possible for accounts to be compromised and for a Gmail account to be shut out.

Many of us save years' worth of important personal and professional history in our Gmail archives, so it's a good idea to establish a strategy for regular backups. I'll go through some great methods for backing up your Gmail data in this post (and the gallery that goes with it).

Due to the huge variety of Workspace solutions, I'm separating Gmail from Workspace (formerly known as G Suite). Since so many of us use Gmail as our central centre for everything, even if it is the consumer offering, it makes sense to talk about Gmail on its terms.


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